Feed-Off-The-Arm Machine L Series


This machine is suitable for sewing shirts, trench coats, jeans
and raincoats, filter bags and nylon raincoats of different fabrics
and other thick material products.

1. Standard equipment: Automatic needle cooling device,automatic presser foot lifter, track-type rear puller, and fabric guide folding device (1/4 type).
2. Optional equipment: Automatic thread chain cutter device (ECV).
3. Thetrack-type rear puller enhances the adaptability and versatility of sewing fabric, and with automatic lifting function with presser foot simultaneously.
4. The latest electronic thread chain cutter (ECV) keeps the machine lightweight, durable, and jamfree.
5. Utilizing a direct-drive AC servo motor for increased energy efficiency, convenience, aesthetics, and eliminating the need for box installation.

FA007L Specification index
① Model③ Needle gauge⑤ Rear puller
② Needle numbers④ Sewing fabric

Sewing Fabric
FA007L-3 ③ H/MPF36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx5#2123500Heavy
FA007L-2 ③ L/MPF/ECV23.2/ 4.8/ 5.6/ 6.42.1~3.8MMTVx64#1423500Light
FA007L-3 ③ M/MPF36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx5#2123500Medium
FA007L-3 ③ H/MPF/ECV36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx5#2123500Heavy
FA007L-3 ③ M/MPF/ECV36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx5#1823500Medium
FA007L-3 ③ L/MPF/ECV36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx64#1423500Light
FA007L-3 ③ L/MPF36.4/ 7.2/ 8.0/ 9.6/ 12.72.1~3.8MMTVx64#1423500Light
FA007L-2 ③ L/MPF23.2/ 4.8/ 5.6/ 6.42.1~3.8MMTVx64#1423500Light

Motor: integrated direct drive servo motor, maximum power: 750W
Stand & table weight: 22kgs, stand & table volume:0.13cbm
Full set net weight: 74kgs F ull set gross weight: 108.5kgs F ull set volume: 0.7cbm


MPF:Internal Drive Crawler Puller ,ECV:Electric thread trimming function (Thread and lint waste suction device)