ASP-EBJ Series

Automatic Elastic Ring Making Machine

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Choose Model

Machine HeadJUKI LK-1920JUKI AMS210ENSS
Sewing Speed2500 SPM (Max )2800 SPM (Max )
Needle TypeDP×5 #14DP×17 #14
Stitch typeSingle Needle Lockstitch #301
Rubber Width20~50 mm6~20 mm20~50 mm20~90 mm
Pattern MemoryEEPROMIP-420 (JUKI AMS)
Max. Numbers of Pattern99 Patterns999 Patterns
Tape Cutting MethodKnife Cutting◎ Knife Cutting
△ Ultrasonic Cutting
Production CapacityDepends on the stitch
pattern, Ex: 190 stitches
pattern, Cycle Time: 8 Sec./
pcs (Max.); 3600 pcs/ 8Hr
Depends on the stitch
pattern, Ex: 71 stitches
pattern Cycle Time: 6 Sec./
pcs(Max.); 4800 pcs/ 8Hr
Depends on the stitch pattern
Ex: 190 stitches pattern as below
Cycle Time: 8 Sec./ pcs(Max.); 3600 pcs/ 8Hr
Stitch Length
Air Consumption30 L/Min.
Air Pressure0.5 MPa
Power SupplySingle Phase 1Φ AC200~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption750 W ( Max )750 W ( Max )800 W ( Max )800 W ( Max )
( With table and thread stand )
(With table and thread stand )
Optional Device
LOGO Identification
◎ Standard
△ Option
  • EBJ Series realizes automatic sewing of elastic band. Measuring, cutting, feeding, and sewing are in sequence with absolute stability. It is accurate and reliable.
  • Unmanned Production with high yield rate. Payback period is short as maximum 1-year ROI
  • By high-end sensors, it detects the feeding sensitively with real-time alarm and auto pause function.
  • Pre-ironing device is optional, which it ensures the flatness when the material is entering, to solve the problem of wrinkles or twists.
  • Visual identification system is optional, which detects Logo and then positions cutting and sewing according to user’s setting.