Single Thread Trimming High - speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

■ Mechatronic, easy to operate, with the functions of automatic thread trimming and needle positioning.
■ The direct-drive servo motor starts quickly and is also suitable for sewing thick fabrics.
■ Widely applicable to many kinds of clothing, such as suits,shirts, jeans, coats, etc.


DL720G-BM1(A)-10~5 / A : 0~715.5

Hand lifter5.5mm Knee lifter13mm

DBX1 #11~#144500
DL720G-BH1(A)-10~5 / A : 0~718

Hand lifter5.5mm Knee lifter13mm


*A:Needle plate,feed dog have three gears.
None : Needle plate,feed dog have four gears.

Precisely control the amount of oil inside the machine head to ensure proper lubrication.

Set the needle gauge with adjustment knob.

Big hand wheel with cooling fan design improves heat dissipation.

Reverse stitch easily with curved lever.