We are SiRUBA, your reliable partner, for over 50 years.

We are KAULIN MFG. CO., LTD., also known as “SiRUBA” for our acclaimed industrial sewing machine brand. We are found in 1965, and for half a century, we develop and manufacture industrial sewing machines, to provide service and solution all around the world for our customers and partners.

Technologies are advancing. In this transformative era, industrial sewing machines are evolving rapidly. Through continuous growth and evolution, when facing strong challenges, SiRUBA always Keep the faith. From taking orders, manufacturing, and shipping, we keep our eyes on the details of every step, to provide the best products and services for our customers.

We devote ourselves to contributing sewing industry; we have various sewing machine products, which can be applied on numerous sewing procedures, like our best-selling OVERLOCK and INTERLOCK sewing machines, computer-controlled BAR-TACKING and BUTTON-HOLING machines. We also released a full line-up of automatic sewing machines combining higher positioning accuracy and craftsman’s touch, to fulfill customers’ needs in many categories like knitwear, jeans and sportswear.

With our all new slogan “Sew Much Better”, we provides more intelligent service network. We establish new machines and parts shopping website, now customers can purchase products easier than ever by the electronic commerce service. And our mobile application “SiRUBA APP” now features new functions like direct customer reporting service, which can simplify and fasten maintenance support. QR code on machine’s nameplate can be scanned by SiRUBA APP for official product certification.

SiRUBA have been to every corner of the world, where we are needed. We answer calls from our partners, provide solutions, and inspire each other. Contact us now and let us be your best support.