Direct-drive Programmable Electronic Eyelet Button Holer

Needle thread trimmerLong thread trimLong thread trimShort thread trim
Bobbin thread trimmerNoneLong thread trimShort thread trim
Main applicationsSuit-dressMen's clothing,casual clothingJeans trousers,trousers
Other applicationsMen's clothing, casual clothing, jeans
Suit-dress,jeans trousers,trousers-
FunctionOnly trim the needle thread.The max.
Length of button hole is 50mm;
Trimming both needle thread and
bobbin thread
Trimming both needle thread and
bobbin thread.No need second trim
Sewing shape
Sewing lengthRound-head eyehole 8-50mm
Straight button hole 5-50mm
Round-head eyehole 8-42mm Straight button hole
22-30mm* 14-22mm*
18-26mm* 26-34mm*
Press foot length (standard)30mm30/26mm
Length of hammer (standard)22mm24/20mm
Length of hammer (accessory)30mm28/24mm
Sewing speed1000-2500rpm
Needle code0.5-2.0mm
Zigzag sewing width1.5-5.0mm
(In mechanical conditions, it is 4.0Mm wide at most and the zigzag sewing width is 5.0 At most.)
Zigzag sewing width (factory setting)2.5mm3mm
Length of stream thread0-20mm
Height of work clampStandard height is 12mm (may reach 16mm at highest)16mm
Start-off modeDouble pedal switch
Fabric feeding deviceIntermittent cloth-sending of 3 pulse motors (x,y,θ)
Machine needle 4DOx558 Nm80 - Nm120
Safe settingIf there are any problems, the inner setting with urgent stop function and driven by safe circuit will automatically stop the machine
Upper shaft motorAC-servo motor 550W
Air pressureMain regulator : 0.5Mpa;Hammer-pressure regulator : 0.4Mpa
Air consumption volume43.2 liter/minute (8 cycles/minute)
Power supplySingle phase 100V / 200V, Three phases 200V /220V/ 380V/ 400V, 400VA
WeightMachine head: ~ 120kg / Operation board :~0.6kg / Control box:14.2-16.2kg

Improved cylinder

Improved pipe port to make connection much easier.

Special process processing of gears and cams,a significant reduction in the machine noise and vibration,after a scientific experimental test,the noise than the historical data reduced by 8-10db,the operator’s comfort greatly improved.

Making the accurate pattem

The machine controlled by servo system,it makes the patterns accurate even in high speed stitching.servo control system avoid the initial position checking.

Reduce skip stitch

Improved the looper and thread take-up, machine can stitch different fabric with different thread.

3.0mm-wide zigzag sewing, after-sewing cutting.
2 pieces of polyester serge
(one side of one piece has a layer).
Span thread:#40
Tension force of end thread:30g
Sewing speed:2,500rpm

The display of icons and characters makes it easy to understand

Multi-language display

Easy operation

NS-9820 has liquid crystal display (LCD), supported by icon and character display. When setting or checking pictures and changing sewing mode, it is easy to understand and operate.

Easy adjustment

The position and adjustment of cutting knife can be adjusted by operate panel.All these adjustments will be showing in the operate panel in image.

special specification of thread trimmer for -02 model

The machine model -02 can stitch big size pattern for both casual pants and jeans.the length of eyelet button hole can be 18-26mm.