Ultra High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine

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700LQTFabric Weight


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Ultra High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine with Stepping Motor Drive Tape/Thread Cutter

700LQT is equipped with high-speed direct drive servo motor, electric control box, and power switch. In addition, it supports a variety of optional functions to become an all-in-one direct drive overlock sewing machine.


Ultra High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine with Electric Elastic Tape Feeding Device

Elastic feeding driven by stepping motor. It controls elastic length fed as required, and ensures consistent tension during sewing with high speed to increase efficiency.
※LFA Optional

Cloth cover safety sensor

Presser foot lift saftv sensor

Cutter saftv sensor



Automatic thread cutter device

When sensor detects the front and rear edges of the fabric,the cutter automatically will cut the thread. Compatible with air suction slot, which makes the operation more smoothly.

Manual trimming button

If the thread was not cut due to the operation, it can be done by using manual cutter button.

Adjustable sensor device

For special fabrics such as mesh yarn and strong reflective mercerized cotton, professional electric control program is adopted, which can easily sew and complete thread trimming without causing cutting mistake.

It supports a variety of optional functions with mechatronic design,energy-efficient and performs well.
High speed stable servo motor to ensure the stability of operation.

Micro-oil lubrication technology keeps sewing process
clean from oil pollution.

Automatic presser foot lifter
Pressing the foot pedal backward to lift the presser foot,
enabling quick and convenient operation, doubling the
production speed and output.

Simple anti curly selvedge device
Easy to install, effectively solve curly edge problem.

Optional LFA 

Optional KB301

The needle bar adopts brand new oil seal design, diamond coating
looper lubricated with grease. There is no oil stain or oil spray during sewing, it can increase sewing output greatly, while improving the production quality and reducing the trouble of oil stains.