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Specification index
① Thread numbers④ Sewing Fabric/Upper Looper capacity⑦ Overedge width
② Model⑤ Feed dog type⑧ Device
③ Sewing types⑥ Needle gauge⑨Motor U:U Series H:H Series

Manual737L-504M-7-04/BK/(⑨)1340.7-23.65H / U7500
Manual747L-514M-7-2⑦/BK/(⑨)2423,40.7-23.65.5H / U7500
Manual747L-514H-7-2⑦/BK/(⑨)2424,50.7-23.67H / U6500
Simplied Fully Auto747L-514M-3-24/ECA/BKT/⑨1340.7-23.67H / U7000
Fully Auto737L-504M-3-0⑦/BKF133,4,50.7-23.66H / U7500
Fully Auto747L-514M-3-2⑦/BKF2423,40.7-23.65.5H / U7500


To prevent seam looseness, turn over the thread and then insert into overlock seaming at the beginning of sewing. For sleeve and sideway sewing of underwear, sportswear etc.

Remark 1: 
Reduce needle thread’s tension, and adjust
fabric guide to get the special outlook
showing the needle thread on top side.

Remark 2: 
Replace upper looper by blind looper LP231
to make 2-thread overlock stitch

OperationCodeDescriptionApplicable SeriesDrive Type
ManualBKRotary PlateK6_t_-05737L 747LTo equip with servo motor for needle position function is optional and recommended.
Simplified Fully AutoBKT1. Simplified type, back latch length 3cm.
2. With ECA cutter, Needle plate suction channel for thread-end down turning .
K6_t747L700L; Pneumatic type servo control system
Fully AutoBKF1. With VT suction trimmer
2. Multi-operation mode setting
3. Thread-end side turning. Back latch length is adjustable (Min. 1cm)
737L 747LBKF; Pneumatic type servo control system