DT8200-75-□□□H/HL/C-13032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-72-□□□H/HL/C-13032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□H/HL/C-13032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□M/ML/C-13032/048/06457DPX5 #143000
DT8200-42-□□□H/HL/C-13032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-42-□□□M/ML/C-13032/048/06447DPX5 #144000
DT8200-75-□□□H/C-11032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-72-□□□HL/C-11032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□H/HL/C-11032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□M/ML/C-11032/048/06457DPX5 #143000
DT8200-42-□□□H/HL/C-11032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-42-□□□M/ML/C-11032/048/06447DPX5 #144000
DT8200-75-□□□H/HL032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-72-□□□H/HL032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□H/HL032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-45-□□□M/ML032/048/06457DPX5 #143000
DT8200-42-□□□H/HL032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
DT8200-42-□□□M/ML032/048/06447DPX5 #144000
T8200-75-□□□H/HL032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
T8200-72-□□□H/HL032/048/06477DPX5 #223000
T8200-45-□□□H/HL032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
T8200-45-□□□M/ML032/048/06457DPX5 #143000
T8200-42-□□□H/HL032/048/06457DPX5 #223000
T8200-42-□□□M/ML032/048/06447DPX5 #144000

Minimum lubrication

With a sealed oil tank, accurately supplying clean oil to the specific mechanism.

Needle-feed/ Lower-feed mode switch

According to the sewing condition, customers may change the fabric feeding.
Top/ Bottom feed connecting rod mechanism is applied with grease sealed type lubrication design to ensure the smooth movement.

Easy gauge conversion 

Fine tune is easy due to the cam design for the hook base’s adjusting mechanism. The needle-to-hook gap correction function ensures the needle to be at the hole center, even to use commercially available gauge sets.

Big application range of sewing material 

The feed dog’s slope and height are easily adjusted. The thread take-up is adjusted, too, so the application range of sewing material is big from light to medium

Better sewing quality

Slightly raise presser foot to have floating presser foot function, applicable to special materials such as elastic fabric or fleece. It prevents from fabric damage, and is easy for curve sewing.
Ending condensed stitch is applicable to the materials which is not suitable for reverse stitch, such as easy-puckering or very light material.

Split needle bar type (-45/-75)

One / Two needle mode switching is easy. With safety design, one needle mode is safe as needle bar will not drop by accident touch of the switch during sewing.

Direct-drive thread trimmer type (DT8200)

‧ High energy saving, low noise and vibration
‧ Quick response, starting speed’s mode is adjustable.
‧ Powerful motor, needle penetration power is strong.
‧ Thread trimmers timing is easy to be adjusted.